September 21, 2010

Romans 12:11

Do not lack diligence; be fervent in spirit; serve the Lord.  


The old adage is both familiar and true:  We must pray as if everything depended upon God, but work as if everything depended upon us.  Yet, sometimes when we are discouraged, we may allow our worries to zap our energy and our hope.  Well, God has other intentions.  God intends that we pray for things and He intends that we be willing to work for the things we pray for.  More importantly, God intends that our work should become His work.  Friends, whether you are in school or in the workplace, your success will depend, in large part, upon the passion that you bring to your work.  God has created a world in which diligence is rewarded and laziness is not.  So whatever you choose to do, do it with commitment, excitement, and enthusiasm.

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